One of the common problems in Muncie is the frequent and unexpected stopping trains on the roads. People are late to their work, meeting, church, doctor appointment, kids' school dropoff & pickup, and many other things. According to a survey we have conducted on more than hundred people living in Delaware County, all of them are blocked by a stopped train from 5 minutes to more than an hour. This is also causing problems for first responders time to time.

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InterFact is promising to solve this problem by observing the status of each railway intersection in Delaware County with solar-powered cameras, identifying trains by using machine learning, and visualizing them in a nice way for our people. All you will need is to check the status of your most frequent railway intersection on your way before driving.

New features will be added in the future such as notifications based on your preferences, and finding a direct route to your destination bypassing blocked railway intersections.

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We have tested the system with one railway intersection and we have expanded to 10 more now with the support from the City of Muncie. We are calling for beta testers now. Please like or follow our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram pages for updates or to become a tester.